Be your own captain for the day. Explore and discover Aso's and greater Cephalonia's idyllic green coastline and wild nature and live the magic.
Take your family or friends to smim in the crystal clear waters alongside dolphins and stingrays at a secret beach of your choice.

Here at Conteco - Rent A Boat, we have made it to rent a boat as simple, safe and easy as riding a bicycle. It's actually easier and faster to rent a boat with us, than compared to renting a car, which most probably you have experienced at some point in your life. Pick a boat of your liking or two boats, or three if you are a larger group of friends or family and explore some of the most beautiful coast lines in the world. We have thought through everything you might need  beforehand and got it ready for you to use. You...  just go Boating! 

We've got you covered, just enjoy boating in magic Asos and greater Cephalonia ! 

See options we offer and our Boat Rates below.





Low Season Rates

1st of April - 31st of May     &    1st of October - 31st October


Type A - Rental Semi Speed Boat 4,5m Rate:  100 €  per day / per boat
Type B - Rental Semi Speed Boat 5m Rate:  140 €  per day / per boat
Type C - Rental Semi Speed Boat 5m Rate:  160 €  per day / per boat
Type D - Rental Semi Speed Boat 5m Rate:  360 €  per day / per boat


High Season Rates

1st of June - 30th of September


Type A - Rental Semi Speed Boat 4,5m Rate:
 140 €  per day / per boat
Type B - Rental Semi Speed Boat 5m Rate:
 180 €  per day / per boat
Type C - Rental Semi Speed Boat 5m Rate:  160 €  per day / per boat
Type D - Rental Semi Speed Boat 5m Rate:  360 €  per day / per boat



Extras - Additional Charges


Fuel (charged by litres used) * Rate:  approx. 2 €  per litre
WiFi Internet On Board (charged by GBs used) ** Rate:  10 €  per 1GB / per boat




* We give away our boats with full tanks, which hold around 30 lt of fuel. More than enough to travel distances of around 70 miles. When you return from your trip, we measure together how much fuel was used and calculate what to charge you according to above pricing.

** If you request to have On Board WiFi Internet with your vessel, you will be charged the first 1GB = 10 €,  regardless if you use it or not. After that, you will get charged in increasements of 500MB = 5 €, according to your usage. You will be given passwords to be able to access the boat's WiFi network. 


All our boats are modern, of the latest technology, with steering wheel and electric ignition, equiped with GPS tracking devices, with all safety equipment needed and on board WiFi connectivity (optional) that can even provide internet from the vessel to your remote secret beach. Please visit Our Boats pages for specific info on each vessel and our Safety Measures page for more details about that.


NOTE: All boats are insured by law for all major incidents against third parties, but in case of damages or loss to any of our property (boats or rental gear) while having it under your responsibility, you will have to cover the damages of up to the first 5.000 €. You are as well required to leave a guarantee deposit amount in cash or charge it in your credit card before your trip, which is being returned of course at the end of the day, if there are no losses or damages. Please visit our Insurance - Guarantee page for more details.