About your safety...  

For starters, the driver of your group that will be handling the boat, must have a simple car driver's licence. This is not legally required, this is our own policy. In this way we can certify that the driver will qualify a minimum of responsibility as a person and that he has  some basic experience of handling a vehicle with passengers.

Then we discuss routes and destinations and mark them up on a map which we provide for you to have with you along the trip. We give you advice on all the good and safe spots and tell you were not to go and what is to be avoided as more risky or even dangerous. We wil mark those routes of your choice as well, in order to keep an eye on you.

After, the next thing we always do, is a small 15-minute training session with the person from your group that will be responsible of driving. Show him around the vessel, all equipment, functions, gear & tools. We will even have you driving the boat with us to see how well you can handle the vessel, before letting you out in the open.



For your information, inside each boat there is everything you would need, regarding your safety. Life jackets, compass, second emergency engine, emergency flares, ropes, spare fuel container, etc...

The boats are equiped with a GPS tracking device, so we always know where you are and you will be also given our emergency phone number to call us for anything you might need. 

In case of an emergency rescue, as soon as you notify us, no matter where you are, we will be at your location in minutes, using a faster speed-boat to pick you up. 

If we see your routes or destination altering too much and deviating from our mark-ups, we will call you to confirm that everything is ok. Please, always have your phone close to you when changing your course and it would be even best, to call us and let us know if you do so. If you change course without informing us and we cannot communicate with you, this will trigger our alert rescue mode and we will come to find you. Please note, that if this happens because of just being irresponsible and forgeting to respect the rules and inform us, we will have to charge you the expenses of this false alarm, having to come to rescue you for no reason. Please be resposnible, the sea as much fun and amazing as it is, it can also be very dangerous. Safety first, please!