This is the client's area.  

Here you can download from, all the photos and videos that you shot with the camera gear that you used when you rented a boat from Conteco in Asos. You will have to use your USERNAME and PASSWORD that was given to you when you returned the camera gear after your rental. It should be on your payment receipt. If you lost the receipt you can always find it also in the email we have sent you, after completion of your rental.

All camera gear rentals include a small data plan on our server. 1 month for unlimited data (the data included in the memory cards you used).

The footage will be kept in our servers, according to your free data plan for 1 month after the date of the upload. You will be informed when the upload is complete by email. It usually takes a few days after the rental, to complete the uploads. We usually upload your footage the same day you returned the camera rental gear, but on high season if we get too many rentals, that procees could take a couple more days, internet speeds in Asos are not the fastest.



We do offer the service of keeping your footage online inside our server for a longer period, if you wish to have it there for backup reasons or for you to be able to share it with your friends and family simply through our link, but this would be an extra charge.

The first month is included in your camera gear rental, as mentioned above. The extra charge, in case you want them online for a longer period, would be 1 Euro per Gigabite, per Month ( 1€ = 1GB / 1 month ) and you should request it and make the relavant payment before your previous term expires (1st free month or else).