Small Rental Rib 15ft. - PAX 5 - 30hp / GPS  / WiFi  

This is a lighter and faster affordable type of vessel to rent. We have 1 Type B vessel for rental. private tours, or even to do transfers with. 

It has a fully serviced 30 HP (horse power) engine as its main power and of course a 5 HP secondary emergency auxiliary engine. Built in 2016, fully serviced and renovated. The deluxe version with all full extras and it carries the latest kind of technology and feautures. 

4,6 meters long (15 feet) and it can carry up to 5 people, including the driver. It has a steering wheel, electric ignition and throtling controls, all operated from the central console. There is a table, sun tent that also pulls back, sea ladder, compass, radio speakers and Bluetooth to conect with your phones and other music devices, WiFi, GPS tracker, emergency lights and night head lights. 

If you need the WiFi enabled, ask for it, because it's a service that is provided for extra charge.

See all charges, ways of use and extra equipment you can request, in the SERVICES section.