Luxury wooden Traditional Motor Sailer Yacht 33ft. - PAX 8 - 180hp / GPS  / WiFi  

This is our crown jewel vessel available only for charters and luxury tours. We have 1 Type L vessel. 

It was fully renovated in December 2018 and is equipped with a Mercedes-Benz serviced 180 HP (horse power) engine. Built in the 1990s, fully serviced and renovated. Its a luxury version of traditional boat with all full extras. 

It is sailing boat, 10 meters long (33 feet) and it can carry up to 8 people, including the skipper who is both tour guide. For accommodation is perfect for 4 passengers. There is a table, sun tent that also pulls back, sea ladder, compass, radio speakers and Bluetooth to conect with your phones and other music devices, WiFi, GPS tracker. 

See all charges, description of the LUXURY TOUR package and extra equipment you can request, in the SERVICES section.